Hitachi Magic Wand. Deep, Pleasurable Feelings


The Hitachi Magic Wand has been the best selling vibrator for a few decades, although there has been improvements over the years, the fundamental quality and powerful sensations remain the same, if not better.

How do you clean a magic wand?

Just can just wipe the head with warm soapy water, alternatively, use an adult toy cleaner. Make sure to never submerge your Hitachi Magic Wand in water, it’s both dangerous and will damage your device.

How much is a magic wand?

Retailers will charge different pricing based on their own cost structure, however, expect to pay USD 50 – USD 70 for an original Hitachi Magic Wand. You should know that if you find something much cheaper than this, it might just be a knock off.

What are wand massagers?

Wand massagers are personal devices mainly use to provide sexual pleasure, they come in a variety of shapes and materials depending on which area of the body they are meant to stimulate. Some might also use these for muscle relaxation before of after exercise, who says you can’t use it for both 🙂

Is the magic wand waterproof?

Absolutely NOT, this is the one thing you should be really careful about. Specially if you have the corded version (which is the most powerful one), just like any other electrical device, it should be kept away from water.

How does the magic wand work?

Simply, turn it on, and apply gentle pressure in the are of the body that you wish to stimulate, you can play with the intensity setting to obtain the best performance according to your or your partner needs.

Hitachi Magic Wand Accessories

Hitachi Wand Accessories