Pocket Pussy. Male Pleasure To Go.


Pocket Pussy is the street name for the new generation of male sexual satisfiers. Although a relatively new advance in the adult toy industry, there are a few brands that stand out. We review them here so that you can purchase the best one for you. Fleshlight Made with superskin material, this is the key to provide an incredible feeling that will leave you begging for more. Easy to use and very durable, plus, super fast to clean paired with untold ‘real’ feeling are some of the reasons why you…

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Stud 100. Men’s ‘Secret’ Weapon

stud 100

What is Stud 100? Stud 100 is the number one desensitizer for men, created by Pound International more than 30 years ago. How long does stud 100 take to work? After spraying the penis, it is recommended that you wait 10-15 minutes before initiating intercourse, this will prevent the numbing sensation from getting to your partner. How do you use stud 100? Stud100 is very easy to use. Simply spray the penis 3-5 times. Please note that each person is different so you need to try it out and identify…

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